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NYC Magician and Illusionist

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Pick A Show—Any Show:

Family Shows & Children's Magic

30 minutes or 45 minutes

Magic Show

Funny, Visual, Full of Energy

Perfect for KIDS and TEENS; ages 4-17
and Adults!

Birthdays,  Holiday  Parties,

Graduations,  and  Communions.

Ask to end the show with your child "defying gravity"!

Luxurious Cocktail Hours


Office Business Holiday Parties

Bar Mitzvahs & Bat Mitzvahs

Christmas / New Year's Eve / Halloween

Expert Table-Hopping Close-Up Magic

inches from your guests' hands.

20 years Experience in Mentalism and Sleight-of-Hand with: Cards, Money, Rope,

Rubik's cubes, Phones, and More.


Strolling Close-Up


Camps & School Assemblies

30-60 Minute Stage Magic Show

For Grades K-12

Professional, Engaging, High Energy Audience interaction

Music, Speaker, Headset Microphone, Decorative Backdrop and Tables

Fun, Amazing, School-Appropriate, 

Floating Child Illusion, 8ft appearance

and more!

Corporate and Promotional Events

Magic designed to Attract Crowds.

Fox Network, Sprint, Meal Pal,

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning
Maximum Computer Systems (IBM), Frenchwoods Festival, Traveland,

Perotta Sadis Realtors,

Macabre Film Festival,

45 minutes - 1.5 hours on Stage

Glass Cabinet, Wood Crate, Sharp Blades,
An Assistant, Costume Changes,

Mind Reading and Audience Participation.

Gasps!  Amazing!  Visual!  Funny!

Provided: Backdrop, Music,

Microphones, and Speaker System.

The Grand Illusion


  Mentalism / Mind Reading

Entertaining Displays of:

Mind Reading, ESP,

and Predicting the Future.


​This Entertainer Will Make You Believe in the Powers of

Telepathy, Telekinesis, and Voodoo.

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