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Mentalist  Josh Kurzban


Seen on TV and Off-Broadway

Mentalism For Corporate, Weddings, Holiday Parties & Birthdays

30, 45 or 60 Minute Stage Mentalism Show


Or Strolling Mental Magic! 1-5 Hours


"Think of something important to YOU.

Focus.... I got it!"

This Immersive Mentalism Show is:


 Professional,   Intriguing,  Mysterious,

 Impressive,     Fun,

  Full of Mind Reading,  Predictions and Surprises

Amazing Reactions Saying:

"Impossible!" & "No Way!"


My Hypnosis Illusion,

Voodoo, A Psychic Link, ​Captivating Mysteries,

True Human Connections,

Fun Energy, Gasps, Laughs, Smiles and Volunteers.

Genuine Shock, Laughs, Seriousness.

...Questioning EVERYTHING!

Predictions, Mind Reading, Telepathy, 

And more.


I Provide A Sleek Table with:

 Voodoo Doll 


Ambient Wine Glasses


Notepads, Cards, Envelopes and a Rubik's Cube.

+ Sound System Available For 30-300 Guests.

Ault Magic

Magic for adults

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