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NYC Magician and Illusionist

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Magic  Lessons
In Person & On Zoom

Magician Joshy K teaches Fun Magic Lessons.
1-hour for Ages 9-18  &  30 minutes for Ages 5-8
+ Adult Card Magic Classes in NYC, LI & Brooklyn
Geared to the students. For 1-on-1 and Groups
for your Home / School / Library

Learn Impressive Magic with Cool Props and what's at home!
Napkins, Cards, Money, Pens, Paper, Rubber Bands, & more!

Magician  Joshy K  Teaches 100+ Magic Lessons Yearly.
New York, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey,  & International
...even on Zoom!

*Choose a 5-week Package  -or-  Pay Per Lesson*

What They'll Learn:
• Magic Tricks • Presentation • Sleight of Hand
• Misdirection • Theory & Lingo
• Creating a Show • Story Telling • History
• And More!

Email Joshy K:
For Private Lessons
And for Camps / Group / After-School Magic Classes in

NYC / Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, Scarsdale / CT / NJ / NY / THE WORLD

Featured in Newsday,
Long Island's  Newspaper
for Adult Magic Classes

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