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NYC Magician and Illusionist

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About  Joshy  K

Fun, Friendly, Trusted, Engaging, Captivating, Amazing!

25+ years of experience.
And he’s only 32... it must be magic!

Fast-Paced Magic, Likable Personality & Energy.

In the Top Ten Magicians ​of the NY Tri-State Area.

Magician Joshy K won 3 awards as a teen:

2 for stage magic, and 1 for close-up magic.

Now he performs 200+ shows a year!

Joshy K is from Seaford, New York on Long Island.
Born as Joshua Kurzban; he is Currently a Brooklyn Magician.

He Travels the NY Tri-state Area: NJ, CT, PA, NYC/Manhattan & Queens.
    Age 5:  He began magic after seeing a Magician at a friend's birthday.
    Age 13: Hired for his 1st Professional Magic Performance.
    Age 16: Seen on TV's Rachael Ray Show with Jerry Springer.

    Age 27: Performed his own "Musical" Illusion Show Off-Broadway!


 Joshy trained 7 years at the real-life “Hogwarts”—"Tannen’s Magic Camp"—

 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, taught by magicians on NBC's "America's Got Talent" and "Penn and Teller: Fool Us".
See 15-year old Joshy in the documentary "Magic Camp" available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and Youtube.

From Camper to Counselor, Joshy K taught Magic & Illusions at a different camp, 2013-2016:

"Frenchwoods Festival of the Performing Arts;" many campers' favorite, iconic, & memorable part of camp.
For 13 weeks each summer, he would teach stage illusions and close-up magic to children age 5-17.

He continues Teaching Private Lessons, and even consults on Magic for Musicals (most often, "Pippin").


Now, since 2017, Joshy teaches magic at "Future Stars Camp" on Long Island,

performing multiple stage shows for many camps in the NY Tri-state area including

The Ronald McDonald Camp for Kids with Cancer in Pennsylvania,
NYC's "Kids In The Game", and Long Island's "Camps R Us".

He's also a former member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians'
IBM Ring 244: Frank Garcia Ring on Long Island, beginning in the Jr. Ring in 2005.


 Added Bonus: Joshy K teaches How To Solve The Rubik's Cube
(That’s right - he knows how to solve the  #%$@*& thing! )

Record Rubik's Solve: 21 seconds.


Fun, Likable & Engaging;

Watch him light up the stage with a friendly,

"Hey Joshy K!”


Call:   516-279-9220

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