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NYC Magician and Illusionist

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Joshy K and the Rubik's Cube

Fun Facts!


Joshy created a"Rubik's Magic Act"

Featuring this Talent, Winning 2 awards,

& captivating dozens of audiences!


2008: Joshy K performed for Jerry Springer on

"The Rachael Ray Show," showing off

his Rubik's skills ....The audience LOVED IT!

​  Watch it Below:

With a Rubik's Cube Solving Record of 21 seconds,

Joshy K is tough to beat!

Learn to Solve The Cube!

Joshy K offers private Rubik's Cube Lessons.

With a successful teaching system simplifying the

"Speed-Solving" Solution.

(used in competitions worldwide).

His "Silly Stories" & Mnemonics make algorithms easy!


In roughly ten 1-Hour-Lessons, You Can Remember

HOW  to solve the cube,

with notes, short cuts & patterns... a skill to last a lifetime!


Another Successful Student Pictured Below:






Joshy K   Also  Teaches:

      Mirror Cube    Pyraminx     4x4         2x2

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